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toewan, May 11, 12 6:55 PM.
Hello  and welcome to the Sharp Arrows Of Vengance Website 
We are Currently changing The Looks of the website please be patient if site is loading slow or wont load at all Thank you any issues with website please contact your Gm or Pst In Game Toewanz Thank you
Welcome everyone to Sharparrows of vengeance guild, and to Honor above all alliance. We are very pleased that you have made the decision to join both. We as alliace leaders and gm's want to try and make everyone play experience one not to forget. We hope to see each guild as one alliance grow together and have the maximum gameing experience as a whole that we can. To Make this happen we have created a code of conduct secsion that everyone should pay close attention to and read very carefully!!!! We encourage each gm and member of both the alliance and guild. to read everything. To ensure that we meet our standard of being the best alliance with the best guilds in game. AND AS ALWAYS PLEASE BRING ALL CONCERNS TO THE ALLIANCES LEADERS SO WE CAN MAKE ACCOMODATIONS!
 We do ask that each guild stay as active as possible. regardless if you have ten members or not. if we find that a guild is not active we as an alliance will make the decision to keep or remove the guild. We also ask that each guild gm gives and email or some sort of way for each gm or alliance leader to contact you. If possible we would also like officer info so they also can be contacted. 
YOU are Responsible for being familiar withe the guidelines and foloowing the order to submit issues. We ask if there is an inner alliance issue that you must first contact the gm of the member causing the issue. If those issues cannot be resolved in that manner you MUST contact and alliance leader. To further handle the issue with the gm's of the members having and issue. if one of your members is not addhearing to the alliance guildlines that person as well as the guild maybe subject to being terminated from the alliance. HOWEVER, WE WOULD RATHER RESOLVE THE ISSUE BEFORE WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS FOR AUTOMATICALLY DISBANDABLE OFFENSES!!!!

All guilds in the alliance are asked NOT to condone inner guild recruitment. However, if a guild member wants to leave, please try to suggest a guild in the alliance. As for recruiting guilds to the alliance we will accept all guilds. If the alliance gets full and a larger guild wants in the smallest guild will be the first to go. Also before we invite guilds to the alliance we MUST have a meeting. All gms and officers must be in agreement to have a guild invited. We will take a vote and if all agree they will be voted in. if its a hung vote the alliance leaders will make accomodations or requirements they must meet. if over half do not want the guild in or they are a huge problem guild they will not be invite by any means. if someone is booted from a guild for violations of the alliance guildlines there name or guild will be posted in the alliance motd. If everyone has been informed not to invite and someone does. there will be either a full termination of the other person or guild or there will be a warning given. voted upon by all gm's.
We ask all members to be respectful and no drama. We also ask that we see participation as well as communication. With they exception of newly formed guilds that are trying to achieve the point where they can be more active and helpful. We also ask that each guild try to help each other in the alliance.

As we try to make this alliance and all guilds as friendly as possible for all players. Parents of minors ages 17 and under should be aware that we CANNOT police every alliance members conduct. If you have any issues please speak up.        
We also ask all member of the alliance to not use the F word and use minimal cussing.

If you have any questions concerns please feel free to contact me at we are open for all suggests and hope YOU ALL PLAY WITH HONOR ABOVE ALL!!!!!!:)
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